We have a number of pricing options

up front costs

We build onto your existing membership site

From £3,570
  • Requires Memberpress or similar
  • Can integrate integrate with your existing events workflow*
  • Journal based learning
  • Integrates with Learndash


From £9,950
  • Members registration
  • Online Payments
  • Event booking*
  • Implementation of Learndash
  • Journal based learning

Entire site build

From £TBC
  • Full membership website builds
  • CRM implementation or integration
  • Manage your membership and events
  • Add courses and webinars
  • Create a knowledge hub

For our tailored pricing we can help with much much more than just the CPD aspect of your requirements. We can help make your website an enjoyable experience for all visitors making it easy to capture CPD and any other necessary professional facets.